Freight Company Perth

Bossna’s fleet of well-maintained, late-model trucks are constantly on the move and our focused time management helps guarantee that our clients’ freight reaches its destination securely and on schedule.

Perth's Most Reliable Freight Tranport Company

Bossna Logistics is committed to providing reliable, speedy and complication free freight throughout Perth and all at competitive rates.

We have your Perth transport covered:

  • Perth Metro Deliveries and Pick-ups
  • Once off consignments to regular runs
  • 1 Carton to 1000
  • On Time Deliveries
  • Express Same Day Rush Available
  • Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly regular runs

Reduce Your Transport Costs and Save!

Bossna stands out as the premier choice in freight logistics for reliable deliveries and pickups. We excel in handling diverse cargo sizes– our fleet of vehicles here at Bossna have everything needed to deliver fast and efficient freight transport distribution services. As well as the Perth metropolitan area, we also service mining and heavy industry.

Our truck drivers and our team have devised a structured framework aimed at streamlining our methods and accelerating our operations. Employing a systematic and customised approach with utmost care, we strive to provide optimal solutions for our clients, recognising that no two requirements are identical. This helps keep our deliveries economical and efficient.

Our Capabilities

Our freight logistics Perth fleet consists of:

  • Flat bed semis
  • 5 to 14 ton rigid truck
  • 8 to 14 ton rigid truck with Hiab
  • Drop deck trailers
  • Extendable trailers
  • Side loaders

In addition, our truck drivers are all fully trained and skilled in container logistics with certifications in HACCP and are heavy vehicle accredited.

Statewide Freight & Transport Company Western Australia

Trusted and Hassle-Free Solutions for WA-Wide Freight Needs​

Since inception, we have successfully transported a wide variety of freight, including standard, refrigerated, personalised, mining and container shipments, for clients across Western Australia.

When you work with Bossna Logistics, you are partnering with a local expert with years of experience dedicated to streamlining and taking the hassle out of your freight transport needs.

Why Choose Bossna Logistics?

We are you freight partner. Bossna Logistics has build a reputation on delivering reliable and competitive freight and logistics services.

Modernised Fleet

Our fleet of trucks are up to date and have enormous loading capacity, letting us transport any load with perfection.

Premium Quality Equipment

Our arsenal of tools and loading equipment let us carry the objects most safely. We regularly maintain and upgrade our equipment, allowing us to offer premium-class services.

Experienced Local Drivers

Our skilled drivers have a clear understanding of local routes. They also possess rich working experience in the container shipping industry.

Reviews from Bossna Logistics Guests

  • Great company to work with. Anthony goes above and beyond to assist. I highly recommend his services.

    Sophie Todd Avatar Sophie Todd
    20 January 2023
  • Never had a bad experience with Bossna. Fast, reliable and experienced

    Grant Ferguson Avatar Grant Ferguson
    20 December 2020


Freight transport is the process of moving goods and commodities from one location to another via road, rail, air, or sea. By partnering with a reliable freight transport service provider, businesses can ensure their products reach their destinations safely and efficiently, facilitating smooth operations and boosting overall growth.

Freight transport is a vital part of the Third-Party Logistics (3PL) process, handling the collection, transportation, and distribution of goods. For businesses, partnering with a reliable freight transport provider ensures efficient and timely delivery, optimising the supply chain and enhancing overall logistics performance.

Bossna Logistics can help reduce your freight transport costs by utilizing our modern, well-maintained fleet of trucks and efficient time management to ensure secure and on-schedule deliveries.

Our structured and customised approach optimises routing and operations, minimising delays and unnecessary expenses.

We offer competitive rates and a variety of services, including express same-day deliveries and regular runs, tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring economical and efficient freight transport.

You should choose Bossna Logistics for your freight needs because we offer reliable, speedy, and hassle-free services at competitive rates.

Our modern fleet of well-maintained trucks ensures secure and on-schedule deliveries, and we cater to a wide range of freight sizes and types. With a team of experienced local drivers and premium quality equipment, we provide optimal solutions tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring efficient and economical freight transport.

Bossna Logistics supports business growth by providing reliable, timely, and cost-effective freight services that ensure your goods reach their destinations securely and on schedule. Our modern fleet of well-maintained trucks and skilled local drivers handle diverse cargo sizes and types, from single cartons to large shipments, tailored to your specific needs.

By offering efficient and complication-free transport solutions, including express same-day deliveries and regular scheduled runs, we help streamline your logistics, reduce transport costs, and enable you to focus on expanding your business.

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